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"I want to help other people to develop their professional career in Spain."

Omar Mihoub: Founder and CEO - Chief Executive Officer

Omar, born and raised in Tunisia, had a childhood dream of becoming a businessman. Over two years ago, he made the decision to move to Spain in search of new opportunities. 

After studying at a language school in Madrid for six months, he enrolled in the Political Science and Public Management bachelor’s program at the Universidad de Burgos, which is taught in Spanish. While facing several challenges during his time in Spain, Omar managed to get through them and create a stable life.

When he saw his friends struggling, Omar realized that he could assist students who were facing similar issues by sharing the knowledge and insights he had gained on his journey.

By participating in various start-up competitions and attending diplomatic events, Omar has been able to create meaningful and relevant connections. His forte is converting those connections into valuable partnerships that help Es Hayat grow.

"Spain provided me with an environment rich in diversity and international connections."

Solomiya Vengrynovych: Co-Founder and COO - Chief Operating Officer

Solomiya was born into a Ukrainian family residing in Belgium. After completing high school, she pursued a bachelor’s degree in communication management in Brussels.

Inspired by her love for travel, languages, and entrepreneurship, she made the decision to move to Madrid in September 2021 to pursue a master’s degree in digital marketing.

Within a short period, she successfully added Spanish as her sixth language to her repertoire. Spain provided her with an environment rich in diversity and international connections.

Unfortunately she observed many of her non-EU peers struggling with bureaucratic procedures. After graduating and securing a job herself, she felt a strong desire to give back and utilize her accumulated knowledge to assist others in relocating to Spain as well.

Solomiya specializes in strategic planning: she transforms ideas into practical and achievable plans. She actively contributes to our shared objectives through her expertise in copywriting, digital marketing, and content creation.

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Our mission is to help you reach your goals by facilitating the administrative and legal procedures necessary for your stay.

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