Degree in Dentistry

Degree in Dentistry

One of the differentiating features of the UCAM dentistry program is that it has in its study plan such innovative subjects as Dentistry and Dietetics, Dentistry and Sports and Management and Planning of the Dental Clinic, which open new professional opportunities for our graduates. . In addition, you will have the supervision of teachers who are 100% involved in you, as well as complete facilities, such as the Dental Clinic, at your disposal.

Student profile

The student interested in the UCAM Dentistry Degree must demonstrate aptitude for basic sciences, such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

In addition, they must show interest in oral and general health problems of human beings and be willing to help them, demonstrating a clear vocation for service.

To study dentistry subjects, it is important to have study habits, organization, self-criticism and ease of working as a team. In addition, other requirements to study dentistry are having skills to establish interaction, listen to and understand the patient, and have the ability to adapt to changes.


UCAM has a university dental clinic, UCAM Dental, where undergraduate and postgraduate students carry out their internships continuously. In addition, UCAM has an International Research Chair in Dentistry, with excellent national and international clinicians and researchers, who are leaders in their field.

Professional outings

  • Practice of the profession in all areas of Dentistry.
  • Private clinics and hospitals.
  • Primary care of the public health service.
  • Dental industry professional.
  • Opinion leader (KOL) of companies in the dental sector.
  • Penitentiary institutions.


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