Degree in Psychology

Degree in Psychology

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It is recommended to have prior knowledge in subjects related to health and social sciences. Attitudinally, they have to show interest in people’s psychological needs, as well as the influence of the social environment on their psychological well-being. It is also important that they have other skills such as analytical skills, critical thinking and good communication skills, as well as knowing how to listen and attend to the needs of others. In addition, they must be willing to put in effort and work, both individually and as a team, and to show responsibility in all the tasks they carry out.

Why study at CEU San Pablo?

Studying psychology is a vocation of service to others, with great social responsibility. For this reason, we train our students in personal and professional excellence, with rigorous theoretical training, extensive practical training in hospitals and associated centers, and comprehensive humanistic training.

Our system focuses on teaching in small groups, personalized monitoring of each student, and the highest training for professional practice.

Preferential access to the Master in General Health Psychology, essential to work in the field of psychology consultations.


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