Pitch competitions 2022 & 2023

Pitch competitions 2022 & 2023

Towards the end of 2022, our team at Es Hayat embarked on a journey of participating in start-up pitch competitions. Initially, we took the initiative to seek out these events ourselves, but over time, word of mouth and our expanding network started referring and inviting us. Engaging in these competitions provided us with invaluable opportunities to connect with individuals who share our passion, receive constructive feedback from industry professionals, enhance our pitching skills, and propel the growth of our project. We are deeply grateful for these experiences that not only motivate and support young people in their pursuit of ambitions but also contribute to the cultivation of a bright and inspiring future. With enthusiasm, we eagerly anticipate the continuation of our endeavors.

1. October: VII Encuentro de jóvenes emprendedores – CEEI Burgos

In October of last year, we eagerly participated in our inaugural pitch competition! Our team gathered, working diligently to create a slide deck that would showcase our project in the most compelling manner. The competition was hosted by “CEEI Burgos,” an organization dedicated to supporting European startups and fostering innovation. The venue for the event was a private room at the Golden Garden bar, accommodating both Spanish and English speakers who had the chance to impress the audience with their business ventures or ideas. The competition aimed to have two winners—one from the English-speaking group and another from the Spanish-speaking group. Each project pitch would be evaluated by a panel of three expert jurors in the startup field.

Prior to commencing the pitch competition, two seasoned entrepreneurs graciously shared their experiences, highlighting the highs and lows of running their own businesses. The most valuable lesson we gleaned from them was the importance of resilience—despite encountering countless setbacks, it is crucial to rise again after each fall. Throughout the competition, we had the pleasure of witnessing a remarkable assemblage of passionate young individuals from various nationalities, introducing us to their awe-inspiring projects. Although we did not emerge as victors, it was invigorating to connect with ambitious, like-minded individuals who share our commitment to effecting positive change within their communities.

Webpage event – CEEI Burgos

2. November: IV Burgos Social Start-up – Universidad de Burgos

In November 2022, the “IV Burgos Social Startup” UBU event took place at the Camino de Santiago University residence. This was a two-day event that was organized by the University of Burgos with the goal of promoting social and sustainable entrepreneurship. Additionally, the event highlighted the power of cooperation through joint initiatives. The fourth edition of this event revolved around the theme “Collaborative actions and technology as solutions to face common issues”. The gathering attracted social entrepreneurs, NGOs, and university students, who participated in a dynamic bootcamp mentored by seasoned experts in the field. The event was finalized by the presentation of the improvements of each project.

We were impressed by the amazing ideas, people, and diverse projects that we encountered. Feedback was exchanged, experiences were shared, connections were made, and progress was seen. It was inspiring to see how every project contributed to making society better in its own way. At the end of the event, the jury unveiled their top three favorite projects. A prize was assigned to every project ranked in the top three. We were really honored and happy to receive the award and prize for the third place in the competition. This accomplishment not only lifted our spirits but prompted our determination to work even harder in the future.

Website event

Webpage event – Universidad de Burgos

3. November: COOL talent – Universidad Isabel I & CEII Burgos

In late November 2022, we received a special invitation from the Entrepreneurship Center at Isabel I University to participate in the first edition of the COOL TALENT event. This gathering was a collaborative effort with the European Center for Business and Innovation of Burgos (CEEI Burgos). Its main objective was to create a platform that would connect emerging talent, innovative ideas, and entrepreneurial ventures. The centerpiece of this event was the Pitch Competition, featuring 20 projects representing a diverse array of countries, including France, Italy, Poland, China, Japan, Finland, Latvia, Slovenia, and Spain.

The event commenced with a series of captivating “COOL” talks and interactive workshops. These sessions provided us with valuable insights into the journeys of successful entrepreneurs. One individual who left a lasting impression was Emilio Corchado, the CEO of Startup OLÉ, a renowned international pitch competition in Sevilla, and the director of CYL-HUB. It’s worth noting that the winner of the Pitch Competition would earn a direct pass to OLÉ 2023.Throughout the event, we had the privilege of observing numerous intriguing projects with significant potential. While we didn’t clinch victory on this occasion, the experience proved to be highly instructive. It provided us with a valuable opportunity to identify areas where we can enhance our performance in the future. Equally important, it allowed us to establish meaningful connections with influential figures in our industry.

Webpage event – Universidad Isabel I

4. December: CYL-HUB Burgos

After meeting Emilio Corchado in November, we were invited to attend the CYL-HUB event in December 2022. The activities kicked off at the Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences of the University of Burgos on November 30. The event attracted a diverse audience, including self-employed individuals, small businesses, cooperatives, startups, investors, and public officials, not only from Burgos but from all over the country. The event featured a startup fair, startup pitch competitions, and networking opportunities between startups and investors. On this occasion, we chose not to enter the pitch competition. Instead, our primary goal was to immerse ourselves in the workshops, draw inspiration from fellow participants, and connect with the event’s attendees.

CYL-HUB Website

5. March: Jornada de emprendimiento y innovación social – Cooperación Internacional x Fundación Telefónica Madrid

The event featured guest speakers, including Diego Soliveres, the CEO at Timpers; Carlota Corzo, Co-founder of Lazzaro and a member of the “Forbes 30 Under 30” list; Santi Jiménez, Co-founder, and CEO of Liight; and Blanca Travesí, Co-founder of U4impact. This event was part of the Needdo project, which aims to foster social entrepreneurship among young people through forums, idea laboratories, and mentoring activities. The session was organized in collaboration with Talita, Fundación Telefónica, Youth Revolution, and Socialpreneurs Podcast. Participating in this competition allowed us to connect with a group of inspiring and passionate individuals, all dedicated to creating positive change in society. This event provided us with a valuable chance to acquire crucial insights and expert guidance, for which we are very grateful.

Webpage event – Cooperación Internacional

6. April: Blash Summit

The #blashsummit event, held from April 21st to April 23rd, 2023, at Silk La Moraleja, was a transformative experience for attendees looking to scale their businesses. It offered a unique opportunity to learn from individuals who had successfully walked the same entrepreneurial path. Frustrated by the grind of long work hours, unpredictable sales, and the inability to take vacations due to the businesses’ heavy reliance on them, participants find #blashsummit to be a game-changer. This event provided not only valuable insights but also a supportive environment that motivated attendees to take concrete actions to scale their projects.

The event’s organizers have a proven track record, having helped over 55 companies successfully enter the market. In addition, they offered a comprehensive methodology for scaling businesses up to the first half a million in billing. Blash summit empowered attendees to restructure their projects, gain a clear roadmap for growth, and understand the essential keys to automating and scaling their businesses. Overall, it was a weekend well-spent, where we not only learned valuable strategies but also made connections with high-value profiles in the entrepreneurial world, setting us on a path to achieving our business goals and thus improving our quality of life. Hereby we want to thank Caco Martin by putting us on the guest list and giving us the chance to be present at this powerful happening.

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